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Zlatan has a surprise favourite for World Cup

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spoken about the upcoming World Cup 2018 with Fifa.

Former Manchester United forward, currently playing for Los Angeles Galaxy, was asked to name the favourites and mention players who will shine in the tournament.

“I pick the Visa team because we are the biggest favourite to win, and then I will give you other teams that have a possibility to win: I think Brazil, Spain, Germany, obviously Sweden. Argentina also, even if they don’t want to speak about themselves as favourites: they are. I am sorry the US is not in the World Cup because that’s my new country where I live, and I would support them also.”

“I think [Paul] Pogba for sure, who everybody knows is fast and skillful. [Kylian] Mbappe, an upcoming star who still has more to give to get to the top, but he will for sure arrive there…there are so many players who are exciting at the moment that for sure some other star that nobody has been talking about will dominate.”

Sweden national team will face Germany, Mexico and South Korea in the group stage of WC-2018.

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