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Zidane claims not being braver than others

Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid coach

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane claims his rotations within the squad should not be called brave, as its just his philosophy.

“It’s not the same today as it was before, when there were fewer games. When you play 30 or 40 games a season you can do everything with 12 or 13 players. But not these days, and even less so here where everybody plays for their national teams and have 60 or 70 games a season,” he told his press conference ahead of Valencia clash at home.

“It’s my way of working. I’m not braver than anybody else. It’s just my way of thinking. It’s not me who’s going to bench Cristiano or Bale, it’s my philosophy. Sometimes we argue with players, I try to explain my way of thinking and then we all carry on as normal together.

“We all have the same goals. Then you have to try and explain to the player that this is the right way to do it. And when the players are behind you, it’s great,” the French coach finalized.

Real Madrid will face Valencia on Saturday, April 29, at 15:15 CET.