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Win a trip to your warrior’s country!


Vbet continues to draw trips to different countries of the world. This time such an opportunity is given to the players of Vbet Casino Warlords: Crystals of Power.

Choosing the hero of the game the players also choose the country where they want to go. For every €10 wagered, the participants will earn one raffle ticket. The ticket draw will take place on 4 May, and the promotion will run from 27 April to 3 May.

The heroes of the game represent three different countries – Denmark, Brazil and Japan. The winner has the right to choose a trip to one of the mentioned countries, moreover, by choosing the country, the winner has an opportunity to choose one of the options of the suggested trips.

It is up to participants to choose whether to travel like a Viking, to fight like a Samurai or have a trip to Amazon.

In addition, if you don’t become the winner of the draw, don’t worry as the prize pool of €20.000 will be divided among 501 players.

Take your chance to see the world just by twisting the wheel of fortune of your warrior.