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Why Jose Mourinho Will Lead Manchester United to Title Glory?

An iconoclast with his nature... Jose Mourinho is a coach who loves to question established beliefs in football.

An iconoclast with his nature… Jose Mourinho is a coach who loves to question established beliefs in football. He loves to challenge the strongest opponents and be the winner in these clashes. The Portuguese is a kind of coach who will finally lead the team to glory, regardless of pressure, expectations and existing squad.

It’s easy to believe that the 53-year-old manager will win some silverware with the Red Devils. He has everything for that: high-quality players, endless budget, great fans. It may seem, that winning the first season in charge of a new team is arduous. Howbeit, there’s nothing impossible for the Special One.

First trophy as Manchester United head coach

FA Community Shield was Mourinho’s first major exam as Man Utd manager, and the team didn’t let him down. In spite of Leicester’s relentless efforts to win another cup, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sublime header led MU to their first trophy of the season.

This encounter exhibited United’s strengths and weaknesses. Talking about the former, it’s the Mancunians’ desire to party on the pitch. Possibly, they have missed this fast and furious football too long. Both Moyes and Van Gaal are more concentrated on keeping a clean sheet rather than attacking.


“We are changing our style of play, and you could see it on the pitch. I would be not ambitious if I say that we had a fantastic performance because it was not a fantastic performance. It was a possible performance for this moment of the season. We are not a super team currently, but we are a team with super motivation,” Jose said after Shield victory.

It’s evident, that Van Gall’s successor understands all the seriousness and responsibility of his new job. The former Chelsea boss won’t repeat his last season’s mistakes again. Moreover, Mourinho will surely be more cautious with his decisions.

“Fantastic Four” or Jose’s Star Signings

There are very few managers in the world who can convince players to accomplish a transfer with only one phone call. Jose is one of those. His words were decisive in United’s recent transfers. In all of them. Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba have confirmed that Mourinho’s influence on their moves has been enormous.


United’s dominating role in the transfer market is not only the result of their huge bank account. They have had that money before, too. Nevertheless, neither Moyes, nor Van Gaal was able to persuade top-class players to become “Devils”. Mourinho managed it.

Furthermore, Paul Pogba’s record-breaking move vow to lionize other title contenders even before Premier league actually reaches its decisive part.

Diffidence in Other Camps

Throwing a look at the English clubs’ transfer activity, it can be assumed, that Jose Mourinho is the only man in the league to grab all his targets. Ex-Real Madrid manager wanted 4 men and he’s got all of them. Unlike to this, all other clubs have practiced disappointments. This will somehow prevent Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and others from playing a better football.

Guardiola, for example, is known with his well-established system (tiki-taka), but he needs players with some unique characteristics. That’s why he repeatedly tried his luck with signing Toni Kroos from Real Madrid. Similarly, Arsenal haven’t succeeded in any of their major negotiations.

Adding Mourinho’s incredible talent to fight on long distances and his ability to free his players for any kind of pressure, which is a very important quality in the Premier league, his Man Utd side becomes a firm favourite for the Barclay’s Premier league glory.