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Who will become this year’s Nobel Laureate in Literature? Vivaro’s odds

nobel prize literature 2016 Haruki murakami adunis philip roth

In this rapidly developing information age, when Internet and television have overshadowed traditional newspapers and magazines, literature has also lost its former leading position. Even the most scandalous events in this sphere, the most anticipated awards go unnoticed. However, the Nobel Prize can be regarded as an exception, as interest towards it never fades away.

Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded since 1901. Here, in contrast to other awards, the prize is awarded not for a particular work, but for contribution in the field of literature. The candidates are nominated not only by members of the Swedish Academy and Nobel laureates, but also by professors of literature and linguistics from universities throughout the world. It is the latter, who nominate more candidates, although many believe, that they are more knowledgeable in ancient literature than in modern one.

Judging by the personal details of the winners of the past 16 years, it can be concluded, that the next Nobel Prize winner will be a man, about 68 years old, a writer, who lived in Europe for some time. 12 of the 16 winners lived in Europe, were over 60 years of age and only 5 of them were women. Based on the statistics, Swedish academics find it more appropriate to award prose writers, rather than poets. The preferable themes delve around individual manifestations of an individual’s confrontation with the realities of the modern world.

Vivaro has set specific odds for the writers who are nominated for the most prestigious prize in Literature.

According to Vivaro, the list of potential candidates for the Nobel Prize is headed by the Japanese writer and translator Haruki Murakami and odds on his victory are set at “5”. Interestingly, the odds on the last year’s winner Svetlana Alexievich were also set at “5”, and the author was also 67 years old, the same age as the Japanese writer.

The second place is given to the Syrian poet and essayist Adonis, who is ahead of the American writer, Pulitzer and  Booker Prize winner Philip Roth.

The Nobel Prize is one of the most important events of the year, which is anticipated by millions of readers. The world’s most respected writers are also looking forward to it, since, besides the big prize, books sales of the winning authors increase sharply after the end of the awards.

Be in the center of global events; follow Vivaro’s updates and odds by clicking on the link.