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Who is who? EURO-2016 round of 16 pairs. Part 2

In this part of the analysis, we will go through the most saturated part of the knockout stage. Almost all the favorites are collected here, and only one of them will reach the final!

Germany v Slovakia

June 26, 18:00 CET

World Champions from Germany did not yet show the best of their team. Although they showed not so impressive football, they managed to head the group. Football world is sure they played with enormous power reserved, and that they will yet shine. Moreover, they will face Slovakia, which has shown firm football, but the majority of players are less equipped in terms of their skills and are not expected to cause big problems for Germany. The idea is that teams sometimes play in part of their capacity, but do not manage to open up at the right moment.


An interesting question to think on!

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Muller has never scored in the Euros. Do you think he will manage to hit the back of the net against SLovakia?

France v Ireland

June 26, 15:00 CET

The hosts France have shown creative football so far, with Payet’s obvious leadership on the pitch. On the other hand, Ireland, winning against Italy in a last round game and drawing against Sweden have guaranteed their place in the last 16. However, this is one of those pairs, where being the first turned out to be an obvious plus. Ireland showed the typical defensive football the underdogs show. And the win against Italy was recorded in a game which decided nothing for Italy (not even the position). Can we consider them a force able to stop France’s star attack? Probably, not, but surprising events do happen often in major competitions…


An interesting question to think on!

France and Ireland has player 16 H2H games, France won 6, 6 games were draws, and 4 times succeeded Republic of Ireland. Can this fact make you doubt on France’s absolute favorite status?

Italy v Spain

June 27, 18:00 CET

THIS IS ROUND OF 16’S CENTRAL MATCH! Italy knew they will head their group even after the second round. What they did not expect, however, was Spain’s sudden loss against Croatia and their finishing as runners-up. Now we will have a 1/8 final game, which could have been the final, if we take into account the level of the players, with their experience in the international field. Basically, this is the final of Euro-2012. Will it be as impressive as the clash back in 2012?


An interesting question to think on!

Croatia striker Ivan Perisic thinks that Italy should be grateful they are facing Spain, and not Croatia! Do you think his idea is realistic? Do you think Spain is at the moment better opponent for Italy than Croatia? Or was Spain’s sudden loss just an accident?

England vs Iceland

June 27, 21:00 CET

Iceland, having a population of 350.000 people have reached the Euros’ knockout stage will play against the founders of football as a sport. Iceland’s history is very inspirational. They were the second and finished above Portugal in their group! An outstanding result for a tiny republic as that. England, on the other hand, have had major lineup revisions during the group stage, and being the runners-up in the group, will try to show more attacking football with higher quality.

 An interesting question to think on!

2 out of three games between these teams finished with an equal score. Moreover, 2 out of their 3 group stage games in Euro-2016 were also draws. Do you think this is the match which we can expect extra time? Or even penalty shootouts?

Inga Volkers