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Wenger: Two weeks ago Enrique was an idiot. Today he is a hero

wenger on enrique

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is sure he is full of power to stay in big football for the next season, unlike Barcelona manager Luis Enrique.

“I feel all right, I feel very strong, very motivated, ready to give my best,” he told his press conference.

“It just sums it up that two weeks ago he [Luis Enrique] was an idiot and everyone said ‘You have to leave’, so he said, ‘Okay, I go’.

“Today he is a hero. That sums up the job. In fact I made an equation because I am a mathematical fan that I will give you one day.

“It’s not the right moment (to share it). I am sure you will enjoy it. It is an equation about a manager’s job. I made a formula,” the manager concluded on a joyful note.

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique earlier informed that he will be leaving the club by the end of the season due to fatigue and will take a gap year .