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Wenger rules out striker leave talk

Wenger has been speaking to the press ahead of the weekend's match with Man City

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger blocked talks around striker Alexis Sanchez’s possible leave from the club, mentioning his possible appearance in starting lineup against Liverpool.

“Overall he (Sanchez) looks in good shape,” Arsenal boss told Sky Sports.

“He has always been focused on his job. I don’t think he’s too much disturbed by all the noise – players at that level are used to it. Some deal better with it than others.

Alexis Sanchez Arsene Wenger

“He’s very focused, very happy. Doesn’t mean there’s no chance to extend his contract, though we haven’t managed to do it. We just want to focus as a team and not look too much at individual contracts.

“Alexis works very hard, gives so much and he looks ready. I’ll have to decide what I do but he’s ready to play.”

 “I want Alex to stay. He’s one of the players the team can be built around, I want him to commit and be one of the carriers of the values of this team. I want to keep my best players – my only target is to keep everyone on board,” Wenger concluded.
Arsenal vs Liverpool game will take place on Sunday, August 27.