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Wenger again states Jack Wilshere’s future is on a knife-edge

Middlesbrough defender on Arsenal radar

Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger has again stated Jack Wilshere’s future is on a knife-edge.

The 67-year-old specialist admits Wilshere could be on the move in the coming weeks.

Asked whether he expects Wilshere to stay at the London club, the manager said: “That decision is not completely made, I want him to have a chance to play somewhere as well.

“We have to decide that a bit later. I wanted first him to come back, he is coming out of a fracture. It is the first week he is back in full training and we have to sit down together and see where we go from there.

“Yes (it will be a difficult conversation). I made him start at a very young age. He has gone through difficult times, I want him to have the career he can have and I am quite open on that.”