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Wayne Rooney to make Everton return on a free

Wayne Rooney could be on his way back to Everton according to reports.

After losing his place in the starting XI at Manchester United it became obvious that the 31-year-old Wayne Rooney approaches the sunset of his career.

His boyhood club could be a great option for the Englishman. According to The Independent, Man Utd may “be willing to waive a transfer fee” for Rooney, who himself would be happy to move to Goodison Park on the condition of a wage reduction to £150,000 per week (half of what he earns at Manchester United).

Undoubtedly, Wayne’s contribution to the club he left a 16-year-old boy would be important, and Toffies manager Ronald Koeman previously said that Rooney would be “welcome” at Everton.