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Villarrubi: Messi verdict change due to Ronaldo accusations

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opener in Real Madrid - Osasuna match.

Barcelona Vise-President Carles Villarrubi is sure the switch of Lionel Messi’s verdict from 21-month jail sentence to a fine amounting €252k is due to the fact that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is also being accused of tax fraud.

“I find it difficult to imagine that this would have happened had there not been a similar problem with another player,” he told RAC1. “It’s an element to add in.”

And making direct reference to the Madrid man, he added: “All of the developments that are taking place right now and that will take place in the coming days are going in a very clear direction: so that Cristiano Ronaldo does not sit in the dock. They don’t want there to be a photo of Ronaldo in the dock, but Messi did have to go through that,” the VP added.