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VBet delegating at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017

VBet at AAC

Berlin 2016, London 2017 and now Amsterdam 2017! VBet is not missing biggest Affiliate Conferances worldwide. Netherlands is the next lucky country to host such a big thematic event. On July 11-14, VBet delegation, alongside with groups presenting other international affiliate companies will take part in Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017.

The conference is a large networking event, as it helps the affiliate companies build cooperative bonds among each other, also simulating the information and skill flow across the world. VBet plan to share the decent amount of experience in the field and develop further proficiency with the help of the background of the global giants.

The upcoming 2-day conference is not just another event. It will employ four conference rooms, around 100 speakers lecturing on 40 sessions. The topics covered will include SEO, marketing, acquisition, regulation and compliance, sports betting, finance and many others. AAC will not only be educative, but also entertaining. iGaming Super Show alongside with seven others will be there to ensure the fun part of the conference.

VBet will be one of the 4500 delegates at the conference, to be part of the biggest related events in the world. Each next conference becomes a big push for VBet’s growth, and AAC is expected to be one of the largest of those.