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VBet accept special bets on Armenia Parliamentary Elections 2017

Armenia Parliamentary elections 2017

According to newly accepted legislation, the Republic of Armenia will move on to the parliamentary system of government.

9 parties and alliances will try to enter the parliament in the result of a voting that will take place on April 2, 2017.

VBet accept special bets on Armenia Parliamentary Elections and expect that at least 4 parties or alliances will make it to the new parliament, with odds being 1,008.

Meantime, VBet don’t believe that more than 6 parties or alliances will form the new parliament. If you think the opposite way, you can place your bet on this to happen with 100 coefficient.

The outcome of voting is decided only by the voters, and the overall number of people who have the right to vote has been announced recently, and it’s 2.564.244.

VBet’s specialists predict that more than 1.2 million people will attend the voting (1.35), while the possibility of 1.4 million people to vote is lower (2.4).

There’s also a line for those who will like to bet on the number of invalid votes. If you think that the number of invalid ballots will exceed 52.500, you can place a bet with odd 1.75.

You can check all the odds and make your bet by following the given link – BET HERE