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Ups & Downs (the skaters who surprise)

First half of figure skating season 2015-2016 was full of surprises. Some athletes had just incredible performances with personal best scores, others due to different circumstances could not perform at maximum.

Unfortunately because of song length not all the athletes were included into this video. But I tried to be objective and chose the athletes which had shown the most unexpected results.

Victoria SINITSINA – Nikita KATSALAPOV. A step forward.
Julia LIPNITSKAIA. Still far from her best.
Julianne SEGUIN – Charlie BILODEAU. Breakthrough in Pairs.
Maia SHIBUTANI – Alex SHIBUTANI. Something special.
Patrick CHAN. Comeback.
Mao ASADA. Welcome back, Mao!
Boyang JIN. Mr. Quad Lutz.
Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVA. Fight for 3A.
Anna POGORILAYA. Hard falls at NHK.
Elena ILINYKH – Ruslan ZHIGANSHIN. Who is to blame and what should be done?
Shoma UNO. Strong debut on the big stage.
Ksenia STOLBOVA – Fedor KLIMOV. Not 2nd any more.
Evgenia MEDVEDEVA. A new Russian star in Ladies.
Yuzuru HANYU. World’s highest scores.