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TOP 5 reasons why you still must believe in this Real Madrid team

Zinedine Zidane’s team has faced two consecutive defeats for the first time since the Frenchman’s appointment, and the team is far from showing an impressive football. However, if you are near frustration, we have got 5 reasons why you must still believe in this Real Madrid squad.

Reason №1

You cannot forget how to play football in two months

The squad which you’ve seen at Wembley Stadium yesterday night and which showed poor football was defeating everyone both in Spain and in Europe with ease a few months earlier, while in August they forced Manchester United and Barcelona to capitulate. The same players were faster, more accurate and more united than others. They have proved their quality to the whole world. Now the problem is with psychology and physics that prevents the team from showing its real level. When the master of passes Toni Kroos makes a wrong cross in a simple situation instead of finding Achraf on the flank, when exceptional Marcelo gives an incorrect pass to Asensio instead of putting the ball on his feet, the fans go crazy. It unusual to see such things from Real Madrid players, but we can be sure that all of these great players will get into shape soon. During the last few years, they have already shown what they can do and how they can do it.

Reason №2

Only one-third of the season is gone

It’s true that now teams prepare the ground for much safer spring. It’s true that now you have to take points in the games against the underdogs so that to be ready for a tense calendar in January and February when the games come every 2-3 days both in La Liga and in Copa del Rey. However, if something goes wrong, you have to reset your settings and start playing football. Do you want breathtaking football in fall and poor form in spring? It’s already tested, we saw it in 2004 with Carlos Queiroz. The reverse is better. It’s better to lose 1-3 in London in the group stage of Champions league than be trashed in April at your home stadium.

Reason №3

Zidane and the calmness in the dressing room

Yes, the confidence or better to say – self-confidence – now harms players, coaches, and fans. Let’s accept it that after two consecutive Champions League titles and a fantastic August everyone at Real Madrid was in euphoria and was thinking that there’s no one stronger. And here is why it’s very hard to accept the defeats from Girona and Tottenham. Real Madrid have to come down from the skies, where they deservedly appeared, and start to work, work and work again. The calmness has to be from outside while inside the team they have to get angry with themselves and reborn the willingness to prove everyone that it’s too early to bury them. Zidane and the team have deserved everyone’s confidence with their football and the titles, but it’s already time to turn from words to actions and show that they are still ready to fight till the end. One of Real Madrid’s most famous slogans says, “Hasta el Final! Vamos Real” (Till the end, Go Real!).

Reason №4

Past experience

After the defeat from Spurs, we can recall the season 1999/00 when Bayern Munich thrashed Real Madrid 1-4 at Bernabeu and 4-2 in Munich. And in the same year, when the ways of these two clubs crossed in the semis, it seemed that Real Madrid’s chances are the same as Karim Benzema’s chances yesterday, while in the end… In the end, Real Madrid thrashed Valencia in the finale and claimed the 8th European cup.

Even in the previous season, if we look back, wasn’t safe and sound in the beginning, as Real Madrid played a few unforced draws in La Liga and qualified for the UCL Play-offs from the second place in the group. Don’t care, they again rehabilitated and won the Champions League.

Reason №5

Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes, I still believe in Cristiano. This superhuman has already proven to you and me that it’s too early to consider him out of the game. It’s also early to think that his time is gone and it’s time to get rid of him and bring Hazard, Reus, Mbappe or anyone else… It’s true that he doesn’t get younger, but his willingness to be the best and to win everything is always there, while his class is undisputed. I believe that we will still see him being reborn from ashes and show his best qualities.

P.S. Liverpool’s legendary coach Bill Shankly once said, “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win.”