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Top 3 techniques of taking control of Poker


Over time, card games became popular. Poker is considered as a man’s game. You can rarely find women playing poker, no matter where it is played, in saloons, back rooms or casinos. Women were kind of unwelcome in poker games, therefore they felt like a fish out of water during poker events, and nowadays this causes discomfort in many circumstances. Regardless of not a small community of female players who are encouraged by rounders, however, they still constitute a minority.

Consequently, there are some simple techniques that women can use to change the common stereotype and gain more experience.

The more, the merrier

It is better to gather a company, the bigger the better. No matter male or female, to the poker room or a huge tournament. Having a support group is always profitable, especially in situations where sexism and disrespect are possible. One person can be disclaimed, but a group of people is rather difficult to be ignored. The support group will encourage, whether necessary or not.

Put Social Media into action

You can always take complaints to the manager of the poker room, casino or tournament, but the best weapon against sexism, and everything is the Social Media. You can call out the sexist behavior and enlist the support of society. You can use this weapon to deliver the message, post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; in the result, you will get positive behavior from the management, as they are always afraid to be deprived of business.

Teach and Inspire

One of the most effective ways to beat the gender stereotype is to make more women join the Poker club. You can start from free online poker games, teach your female friends to play poker, the next thing you can do is to inspire them, show them the delights of the poker world. Women were always interested in casino games and gambling itself, so pulling them toward poker will not be very hard, it is going to be fun and profitable, of course.

Every drop in the ocean counts, so we all should encourage, support and inspire women to play poker in order to get places on the poker tables of the world.