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Time’s up, Sir. 5 reasons why ‘Wenger out’ is truth

No attention to the defence

Arsenal lacks good defenders. Wenger made an inspirational decision when he switched to 3-4-3 last season with Nacho Monreal playing as a center back, but this season shows that at least against the top-6 Mustafi, Koscielny and Holding with Chambers, especially, aren’t the players with whom Gunners can play for big trophies. Wenger bought Aubameyang and replaced Sanchez with Mkhitaryan, but he didn’t solve the most crucial issue.

Not as courageous, as his rivals

Wenger always complains after bad results. He blames referees, bad conditions, etc. and rarely his players. As a manager of a top team he lost control over Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. The latest decided to stay only after Aubameyang came to London. Wenger doesn’t want to accept the reality that nowadays players are not like Vieira or Bergkamp and that he is dealing with millionaire ‘kids’.

Last season Wenger did not manage to enter top-4, first time in the history. Many fans thought that it was just a little mistake during 20 years of his managing and next season problems will be solved. Reality is that this season Arsenal already lost chances to enter top-4 and tries to qualify for UCL through Europa League.

Wenger doesn’t want to spend money

Maintland-Niles, El-Nenny are good players, no doubt, but Wenger refuses to spend money during transfer windows. The fact is that he broke transfer record 3 times during last 3 years, but the most expensive player costs only 56m pounds. All other teams from top-6 spend at least 80 m for a single player and the results show that this transfers are necessity in order to fight for titles.

New challenges for the team

Wenger should understand that there is no way to finish like Sir Alex. He already made one of the greatest teams in the history of PL in 2003/04 season, but he is not as compatible as MU was back then. Wenger should find new challenges for himself, and