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The Vikings are Back!


In less than a month, the “Vikings” will be returning to the small screen. On November 30, the “Vikings” will hit the screens to continue the story. The events in the series are taking place at the crossroads of different cultures and religions – in the cruel and dangerous world of Medieval Europe.

Season 4, Episode 10 left many questions unanswered. After being defeated in Paris, the Vikings returned to their land. The leader of the Vikings, Ragnar, disappeared immediately after the battle, and after a long and mysterious absence, returned to his people. Now Ragnar needs to strengthen his positions, because his long absence and the actions of his wife, Queen Aslaug, have “shaken” the reputation of the legendary leader. Ragnar himself has many skeletons in his closet. The fact he did not tell his people about the consequences of settlement in Wessex was a big risk since everyone already knows the truth, but not from their leader.

It is time for another raid on Paris. After all, in Paris Ragnar was stopped by his own brother, Rollo, the Duke of Normandy, who joined King Charles and the Franks. Even though relations between Ragnar and his sons are complicated, he will do everything to return to the walls of Paris.


Wessex should not be ignored either. The people will demand a revenge for what happened in the settlement and Ragnar will have to meet King Ecbert. Аmbitious and prudent, King Ecbert has some news for the king of the Vikings. Apparently, Ragnar has a son in Wessex, Magnus, who enjoys Ecbert’s protection. Ecbert will undoubtedly use Magnus, when the question arises about the destruction of the settlement.

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