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The path of “the Walking Dead”

Comics on the shelf

Few people know that a world-known film director, producer and screenwriter Frank Darabont is a big fan of the horror genre. His name is associated with such legendary films as “Shawshank redemption”, “The Green mile”, “The Mist”, but he started his career with writing scripts for horror movies.

One day Frank went to the comics store in Burbank (California) and came across a comic book called “The Walking Dead”. The plot immediately drew the attention of the talented film director and the next day Frank talked with his agent and asked to contact the authors of the comics.

From the first meeting the authors saw that Frank is a big fan of the horror genre, just like them. After a while Frank and the authors of “the Walking Dead” comics series – Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, began working on the TV project that will win the love of millions of viewers worldwide.


“The Walking Dead” on the screen

The TV series immediately gained popularity. The first of its kind mass TV series about a zombie apocalypse attracted the attention of both horror fans and ordinary spectators. In the center of events – sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma in the hospital. He doesn’t understand that many of the people he knew are no longer alive, and those who survived were even more dangerous than “the dead”. After that Rick starts to search for his wife – Lori, and son – Carl.

The first episode was viewed by more than 5 million users and the numbers are constantly growing every season. In 2010, the TV show was in the list of nominees for the best series in drama genre for the international “Golden Ball” award. In 2012, “the Walking Dead” won in 12 different categories, such as “The best cinematography in TV series” and “The best makeup in TV series”. The debut episode of the 5th season had more than 17 million views.


Who will survive?

The universe of “the Walking dead” is extremely dangerous and not everyone can survive. You will be either killed by a crowd of hungry zombies or faced with bandits.

In the last episode of the 6th season the main characters were captured by a cruel yet charismatic leader of a group of survivors called “The Saviors” – Negan. Negan explained to them that everything they had, including their lives, belonged to him. To prove his words, Negan demonstratively killed one of the characters, however the viewers did not see who was the victim.


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