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The new Season of “Sherlock” will be back on the New Year’s Day


Many films and TV series were created about the legendary detective, however, “Sherlock” produced by BBC overshadows all the previous ones and is here to break all the stereotypes. The modern-day Sherlock Holmes not only possesses traditional deductive abilities, but also applies new technologies, he has a great sense of humor and exceptional intuition. Obviously, the criminal characters have also improved, becoming more unpredictable and vicious. The excellent performance of actors and music composed specially for the series make “Sherlock” a must-watch movie of the year.

Here is a perfect New Year gift for the “Sherlock” fans! After a long break, Sherlock Holmes is back. The opening episode of “Sherlock Season 4” will return to screens as early as January 1, 2017.

The new series, just like the previous ones, will involve three brand-new episodes. The plot is promising to be stunning, evolving new and shocking details about the main character.

“Sherlock Season 4” is the most anticipated premiere of the year. The author has delayed it for the beginning of the New Year. However, some mysterious clues on the latest “Sherlock Season 4” are already revealed- Mrs. Hudson will have a daughter, Sherlock will be seeking for Thatcher figurines and simulate illness to catch the criminal.

Will we see the criminal mastermind, Moriarty, or the detective’s wife in the new season? The premiere of the new series in 2017 will reveal answers to these questions!

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