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Stoichkov: Costa has to stay at Chelsea

Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte talked about his team's striker Diego Costa's temperament.

Barcelona legend Hristo Stoichkov has told Diego Costa to stay with Chelsea and chase footballing glory rather than take the money and move to China.

“My advice is to stay where he is,” he toldThe Sun On Sunday. “He is too young.

“Today in football there is a lot of money in the world but football is different in England, Spain, Germany, Mexico or the USA.

“It is very important for him to stay in England as every day it gets bigger and bigger with more and more people watching the games.

“There are unbelievable fans, every game is at a full stadium and it is very important to play there and 28 is very young.

“The money today is very important but so is having millions of people watching you play.”