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Manchester United is given a boost as PSG may sell their star

Two top targets for Pep Guardiola for the next season (PHOTO)

Neymar to Manchester United

PSG want to sign Casemiro

Neymar was playing online poker as PSG reclaimed League 1

Manchester City’s looking for PSG superstar

PSG open talks with Thibaut Courtois

Bayern Munich star wants to move Chelsea

BREAKING: Arsenal target manager to sign contract with European giants

Messi and Neymar in one club?

Manchester United to suggest 2 stars for Neymar

ESPN: Thomas Tuchel set for PSG

PSG star celebrated one year of his last start (PHOTO)

BREAKING: Thomas Tuchel will not coach Arsenal

PSG star is the most titled player in history

“Neymar will return in 2-3 weeks” Emeri

PSG’s eyeing Arsenal’s target coach

Bad news for Neymar from Roberto Carlos

Edinson Cavani’s fantastic bicycle goal (VIDEO)

€ 300 m + Pogba for Neymar

Iniesta tells Barcelona fans: Don’t panic if Neymar joins Real Madrid

Neymar decides who should be next coach of PSG

Liverpool won’t sell Salah, even for record breaking fee

Liverpool’s ready to sign PSG star

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