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Special Bets: Westworld


“Westworld”: The first season of the series from HBO comes to an end!

The famous American HBO introduced a new series called “Westworld” this October. Just like some other sensational series («The Game of Thrones», «Breaking Bad»), “Westworld” managed to rapidly attract large audience. It should be noted that an all-star ensemble of actors is introduced in the series such as Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton and Angela Sarafian.

Actions of the new fictional series take place in a huge amusement park called “Westworld”. As the name implies, the park – is a huge area, reminiscent of the whole Wild West world. Westworld caters to high-paying visitors, who enter into a fictional world and can do whatever they want within the park. In the fictional Wild West, guests are greeted with synthetic androids, and the overall story dwells around them.

However, one of the founders of “Westworld”- Dr. Ford, introduces a new update in the operating system of androids called “reveries”. “Reveries” change the consciousness of androids and they become more human-like. They also start remembering their past, however, unlike people, androids remember the past storyline, which in the meantime was rewritten by the workers of the park. As it turned out, this rewriting was not carried out without any effect, as originally envisaged…

Over time, androids start understanding their true nature: up to that point they did not even assume, that their life was actually a fiction and had nothing in common with reality. So, one of the main characters is even trying to create a whole army at any cost, just to get out of the Park and live freely.

However, are all the visitors to the park real people? What about the workers of the park? After all, it turned out that there are creatures with artificial intelligence among them too. Who will turn out to be an android in the last series?

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