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Sane: I’ve understood the league

Schalke 04 starlet Leroy Sane has agreed to make a move to Manchester City.

Leroy Sane thinks it is starting to click for him at Manchester City and credits Raheem Sterling with helping him find his true form.

The German winger struggled to hit the ground running following his £37m move from Schalke in the summer.

Injury setbacks were partly to blame for his slow start to life in Manchester but since regaining full fitness, he has excited onlookers with his performances in an attacking role on the left win.

“At some stage it just clicked for me,” he told Sky Sports ahead of City’s clash with Sunderland on Nissan Super Sunday.

“I have understood the league and how the players play here, how the league works here. That is why I think I have got used to it and played better and better and got a real feel for it and then I just played the way I like to play and felt really good about it.”