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Ronaldo turned 41 yesterday… Or he didn’t? When was the Phenomenon born?


Ronaldo is 41… or… Wait…

Ronaldo was one of the best strikers in football history and it’s not a surprise that many media outlets and social media pages remember about the legend on his birthday and congratulate him on that matter.

That happened yesterday, too, as thousands of football-related pages and websites posted about the Phenomenon’s 41st birthday, as it happened exactly one year ago, on September 18.

Former PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid and Milan man who became the youngest player to win the Balon d’Or, received lots of wishes, but should he ever done that on Sep 18? Is that his correct birthday date? The reality is that it’s NOT.

Where the story begins?

Everything began two years ago, when renowned British outlets The Guardian, The Sun and The Daily Record decided to publish a birthday wish in advance on September 17, stating that hours later the legend will celebrate his birthday.

If we look at Ronaldo’s Wikipedia page (English one), it seems everything is OK, and the birthday wishes were sent on time.

However, if we turn to the Brazilian Wikipedia (Portuguese), it turns out that Ronaldo hasn’t celebrated his 41st birthday yet and will do that only on September 22.

Another funny thing happened with UEFA Champions League official Twitter account. Two years ago they sent a birthday wish to Ronaldo on Sep 22 but one year later they decided to congratulate the famous Brazilian on Sep 18. This year, they did it on Sep 18, again.

However, on his Wikipedia page there is a citation from “Ronaldo: The journey of a genius” by James Mosley, that states, “Although Ronaldo was born on the 18th he wasn’t actually registered until the 22nd. Although we can’t stand that up.”

So, finally, when was Ronaldo born?

So we have done some more research and found an evidence that will finally persuade you. Let’s visit Ronaldo’s official Facebook page and see what’s written in the About section. Well, HIS BIRTHDAY IS ON 22ND OF SEPTEMBER !!!

But.. but… here it says that Ronaldo was born on 1977 and not 1976. So is he now 41 or 40? Probably only Ronaldo’s parents know that, but at least we can congratulate the Phenomenon 3 days later.