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Romario considers himself better than Maradona and Messi


Brazil and Barcelona legend Romario compared himself to Argentina national team former striker Diego Maradona and current captain Lionel Messi.

While weighting the achievements of Maradona and Messi comapred to each other, the former Barcelona striker remarked.

“Messi has to win a World Cup, so I think that Maradona is better than him,” he told FOX Sports Brasil, however, pointing out his excellence compared to both Argentinian football figures.

“Within the area I was much better than Messi and Maradona anyway. That’s what I think and I say it with a lot of humility.”

While asked to name the current world best, Romario mentioned his compatriot and Lionel Messi teammate Neymar.

“Today, for how he plays with his club and the national team, I would give the prize of the best in the world to Neymar,” he concluded.