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Referees can abandon games to fight discrimination at Confederations Cup


FIFA has granted match officials the power to stop and abandon games if they spot acts of discrimination from fans at the Confederations Cup

The world governing body is doing everything to make sure no discrimination will go unpunished in this year’s Confederations Cup in Russia.

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The “three-step procedure” will give referees the right to first stop the match and request a public announcement to cease discriminatory behaviour, later to suspend the match and in case discrimination continues abandon the game completely.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said: “The work that has been carried out in FIFA World Cup qualifier matches in all confederations will now also be implemented for the first time in a FIFA tournament.

“Together with the possibility to apply the three-step procedure, these are ground-breaking changes in the global fight against discrimination that will mark the 2017 edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup.