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Real Madrid may pursue legal action against Pique

Real Madrid may pursue legal action against Pique

Real Madrid lawyers are going to examine Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s recent announcements in which the Spanish international claimed that Florentine Perez is using his power to gain benefits for Real.

The legal team will evaluate whether they should allow Pique’s words be forgotten or pursue legal action against him. Real Madrid think that Pique has already crossed the red line and his announcements are nothing else than a disrespectful act towards an opponent club.

In the capital-based club, they concentrate on one exact sentence that the defender said, “What I dislike about Madrid is how they pull the strings from the presidential boxes; [Lionel] Messi and Neymar had to endure serious accusations…whereas Cristiano [Ronaldo] had his dropped. It’s always been this way.”

Sergio Ramos, by his side, didn’t remain silent and hit back to Pique, “What Pique says won’t change the values, our badge, our history or our titles,” Ramos responded. “What he says will provoke headlines and sell newspapers but we live off of that.

“In every box seat strings are pulled, but if anything, they [Barcelona] should in general have more to be quiet about then we do.”