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Real Madrid are favorites to win Champions League

The first leg matches of Champions League quarter-finals are held and the arrangement of things has changed drastically. Bookmakers, also, changed their opinion regarding the possible winner of the tournament.

If Barcelona and Bayern Munich were the firmest favourites to win the title this year, now they are not even in the top 3. Holding champions Real Madrid, on the other hand, climbed to the first position of the possible winners’ ranking.

Betting company Vbet will pay you back 3 euros for every placed euro if you bet on Zinedine Zidane’s team. The Whites showed a great football against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena, which serves as a big argument to believe that Real Madrid will manage to become the first club to win two consecutive Champions League titles.

Juventus also have good chances of winning the title, with the odds 4.00. Max Allegri’s men defeated Barcelona 3 goals to 0 at home and now have one foot in the semifinals of the tournament.

The quarter-finals return leg matches will take place on 18/19 April 2017.

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