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PSG fans insult players after Barcelona loss

psg fans attack and insult players

PSG fans showed aggression towards the players, their families and equity after the team was back to Paris from Barcelona. The fans have reportedly attacked the players’ cars, even while their families were with them in the cars.

PSG administration released an official statement about the incident, which reads:

“On Wednesday night, upon their return from Barcelona, the Paris St Germain players were confronted and threatened by several individuals at Bourget Airport, despite the club and authorities reinforcing security.

“These individuals verbally insulted the players before vandalizing their cars. Several vehicles were damaged.

“The club strongly condemns the actions and behavior of the individuals in question,” it concluded.

PSG lost the Champions league round of 16 second-leg to Barcelona (6-1) after winning the first-leg (4-0), which caused aggression among the fans.