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Pochettino: Xavi hates me. Maybe he works for Man City

Guardiola vs Pochettino

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino commented on Barcelona former midfielder Xavi Hernandez’s announcement on Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli’s probable move to Manchester City.

“He’s in a period when he loves to talk, he’s in Doha [playing for Al Sadd] and listen, he was Barcelona player, he’s my enemy,” Pochettino told his press conference.

“He tried to destroy our focus to win because he hates me because he’s Barcelona – player, fans, you know.”

“Yesterday there was Thierry [Henry] here and we remembered the game that he cheated the referee. He fell down, it wasn’t a penalty, but Ibrahimovic scored for Barcelona and they won the game,” the former Espanyol boss remembered.

“The marking man was Raul Baena, Xavi fell down and said ‘penalty’, they gave a penalty.

“He is working for Manchester City, maybe? He wants to help Guardiola and [Vincent] Kompany,” the manager boss smiled. He is sure Tottenham do not plan on selling key players during the summer transfer window.

“The players that we want to keep, we will keep. Because he [Levy] said to me: ‘We don’t need money.’ If we sell some players it is because we want to sell some players,” the SPanish specialist concluded.

Mauricio Pochettino had been managing Espanyol between 2009 and 2012.