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Pochettino: I feel my responsibility for losses


Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino shared his hope of getting the winning trend up, as they have only one victory in the last six English Premier League games.

“It is so difficult because we take it so personally, the defeat. When we win I feel okay but when we lose it is like I am responsible,” Pochettino told his press conference ahead of the Watford clash.

“I don’t like to share the responsibility of the defeat but that is more personal, more how I feel. And sometimes in a few hours, in a few days sometimes it is difficult to find your space and your place to think and you need to be alone.

“But of course always it is not about you. You need to reflect when you are responsible about the team, about the staff, about everything you need to show the right message, the right emotion.

“Sometimes when you are away, you go home and go to bed quick, maybe you do different things, but here when you have the responsibility to create good feelings and emotion and atmosphere, it is important sometimes not to show too much if you are disappointed,” the Spanish specialist concluded.