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Pepe Reina: Napoli lost “because of the referee’s decisions”

Pepe Reina

Napoli Goalkeeper believes the referee’s decision greatly affected the outcome of the semi-final clash with Juventus.

The Light Blues scored first but were unable to hold their lead and lost 3-1 to The Old Lady.

Reina believes the referee could have had a better match.

“We had a good first half, made Juve split apart and did our work. With the second half incidents, everything changed,” the goalkeeper told Rai Sport.

“The result changed because of the referee’s decisions. That is all.”

This defeat comes in an unpleasant time for Napoli, as they have an important match against second-place Roma.

“We will try to do our best. It’s a head-to-head against a side in good shape and we need a great performance.” , said the 34-year-old Spaniard.