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Oxxxymiron vs Dizaster is here ! Special bets from Vbet

Oxxy - Oxxxymiron vs Dizaster is here ! Special bets from Vbet

Dizaster vs Oxxxymiron. Everything is ready – everybody has heard, everybody is looking forward. On October 15, LA, King of the Dot will bring head-to-head two icons of the rap battle world.

KOTD launched a trailer where Dizaster deliveres a message for Russian MC Oxxxymiron, branding him a “snack”.

And as they say in good ol’ America, IT IS ON!

Oxxxy responded to the video in a more modest way. He turned to all his fans, asking them to support his first rap battle in English. All tickets for the event sold out crazy.

Myron is likely to have some troubles since, at first, there were rumours that the battle would be held by in Mother Russia (byVersus Battle) but it turned out the event will take place in Los Angeles, which means that Dizaster will host Myron. Dizaster is an experienced battler with a rude temper; known for screaming at his opponents and sometimes even fighting them during battles.The Russian rapper called his previous opponenet Slava a preparation for this great clash. As a result, Slava (Gnoiny) has become the first to beat Oxxxymiron in a rap battle.

So we can expect the unexpected. Vbet has traditionally prepared some special bets for the Dizaster – Oxxxymiron rap battle. Will Dizaster hit Oxxxymiron? Will Dizaster punch in Russian? And many other bets are prepared for you. It’s not a secret that the legend of Hip Hop Eminem is interested in the art of rap battling. He is the producer of an upcoming film entitled “Bodied” about the world of battle rap where Dizaster plays the leading role. We haven’t forgotten about it. For more details, please click here