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Navas, Casillas and 6 other Real Madrid GK’s who made serious mistakes

Goalkeeper errors

Keylor Navas is under fire now as the Costa-Rican goalkeeper made some serious mistakes against Real Betis last Sunday and against Las Palmas (Prince-Boateng goal) and Napoli (Insigne goal).

Nevertheless, Navas is not the first goalkeeper in Real Madrid history who made serious mistakes. Even the best goalkeepers in the club history were not perfect sometimes. We have recalled some of those errors to show that no one is perfect.

Iker Casillas

Here we go with the best goalkeeper in Real Madrid history – Iker Casillas. “The Saint” has saved Real Madrid on many occasions, though he had some bad days too. The most serious error he made was in Champions League final against Atletico Madrid in 2014. He left the goals and tried to catch the ball but was forced to take the ball out of the net in the end.

Diego Lopez

Season 2013/14. Jose Mourinho decided to bet on Diego Lopez in his last season in charge of Real Madrid, which has later become one of the most doubtful decisions in the Portuguese coach’s career. Lopez made a big mistake in the game against Levante, which led him to concede a goal.

Albano Bizzarri

Season 1999/00. The Argentine goalie made a fatal error in the Champions League clash with Porto, not being able to fix the ball in his own penalty box.

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