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Mourinho will support whatever decision Ibrahimovic

herrera on ibrahimovic

Jose Mourinho insisted he will support whatever decision Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes regarding his future at Manchester United.

The 35-year-old striker is currently deliberating on whether to take up the option of a further 12-month contract for next season.

“I am just calm and waiting for the decision,” Mourinho said in an exclusive interview to be aired this weekend on Soccer Saturday.

“If the decision is for him to stay and he is happy with that, we are delighted with that. If his decision is to leave and try to find a different challenge, I will be also happy for him.

“He is [a big part of our success this season] but the human being is more important than the player and the team. If his decision is to leave and try to be happy with his family and have a different reality, so be it.”