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Mourinho: I’m not staying in one club for 15 years without success


Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho has talked about his future plans in Premier League.

“I think that I will remain at Manchester United for at least 3 years. I think, that the club understand that we need stability on all levels. I’m sure that even without big achievements it’s hard to reach that point, especially in England. However, if we are successful, I will be ready to prolong my stay, providing that the club want me here.

If they want me to stay, I will stay, but as I like to say, both the club and the coach should be happy. I’m not of those who stay at the same club for 10-15 years without achieving anything important.

I need to have true success, my life is like that, I need that pride and happiness. In all honesty, I would like things to go well and be here many years.,” Mourinho said.