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Mourinho has likened Victor Lindelof to Ricardo Carvalho

Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho has likened Victor Lindelof to Ricardo Carvalho.

“Victor is an intelligent kid, he is very calm and of course he wants to play,” the 54-year-old specialist said.

“You know, we take it step by step. At Chelsea we had one of the best central defenders in the Premier League’s last decade, Ricardo Carvalho, and when he arrived from Portugal he was in trouble a little bit to adapt.

“Then he had an amazing career in the Premier League after that and I am sure Victor will be the same.

“So it is good for him to play in the Champions League and probably he won’t play at the weekend, but he will play again next week in the [Carabao] Cup so matches are coming for him.”

Note, that Carvalho played for the Special One at Porto, Chelsea and Real Madrid