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Monchi: “Neymar’s world record move scares him”

Barcelona have confirmed that they have accepted a payment of €222m (£198m) for Neymar

Roma chief Monchi admits Neymar’s world record move from PSG to Barcelona scares him.

“I am afraid, I am uneasy and I do not know where we will reach when it comes to future transfer fees,” he said at the unveiling of new Giallorossi player Cengiz Under.

“I do not want to think that we are building a bubble that will explode at some point, like the real estate one that has damaged the world economy,” he said.

“My history has been not to buy expensive players and I’m afraid of this millionaire show at a time when many people are struggling to get ahead. Football should be a reflection of society and sometimes it is not,” he added.