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Miss America – Alex Morgan. The most beautiful female football player

Many girls, who want to devote themselves to football, face numerous obstacles, such as: “Oh, no, you can’t, this game is not for girls” or “It will make your feet curvy, female soccer players are not attractive”, etc.

Alex Morgan is the most charming female soccer player with straight legs and fantastic appearance. Having broken all the stereotypes, Morgan is making progress in her career and is considered one of the sexiest female athletes of our time.

Who is Alex? America’s female Messi: She has won the World Cup, earned a gold medal at the London Olympics and won the USА league.

Alex Morgan

She played 91 matches for the US national team and scored 52 goals in them. In addition, Morgan became the US player of the year in 2012 and was nominated for the Golden Ball in the same year, which, however, she did not get.

Alex Morgan

Why is Alex so successful? As it is with many other athletes, Morgan has an advantage – she engaged in athletics during her childhood and, as a result, her speed is fantastic.

The football star has also appeared on the cover of the FIFA-2016 video game, together with Messi.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

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