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Martial reveals his ‘future best’

Tottenham are monitoring Anthony Martial’s uncertain situation

Manchester United forward Anthony Martial thinks his teammate midfielder Paul Pogba has the potential of being the best.

“Paul is very mentally strong and he is very sure of himself,” the attacker told MU official website.


“He is a big guy, he is very technical on the ball and he has lots of endurance.I would say he is probably the best midfield player in the world. He is still young, too, so he has a lot to work on and he can get even better. As a person you can see he is always the same. He is funny, always smiling, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, I always see him laughing and he is a good friend of mine.

“He is the same person on and off the pitch, and he’ll continue to be like this,” the 21-year-old added.