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Maria Sharapova: ‘I fought so hard for the truth to be out”

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova’s doping suspension has been reduced, and she feels vindicated and empowered.

After testing positive in 2016 Australian Open for meldonium, the r0-year-old tennis player received a two-year ban. She has been taking the medicine for 10 years within the rules, however, Sharapova still got the ban as the drug was reclassified.

“Although I’m at a stage or age in my career where you’re closer to the end than your beginning, you always want to end a chapter in your life on your own terms, in your own voice,” Sharapova told the ANA Inspiring Women in Sports conference at Mission Hills.

“That’s why I fought so hard for the truth to be out,” said the five-times grand slam winner