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Manchester United kiosk workers to face jail for theft

Man utd robbery

Secret cameras caught seven Man Utd kiosk workers stuffed money down their trousers on Matchday.

Apparently, the seven workers took around  £600 when Old Trafford hosted a rugby league match. In total around £4500 has disappeared.

One of the crime committers Mr Agabaje claimed he was on drugs at the time and “I didn’t really know” what he was doing.

The other kiosk worker, Belkhair of Beamish Close, Ardwick, claimed he received a “considerable” amount of money in tips and put them in his trousers.

District Judge Mark Hadfield did not approve of the  “fanciful” explanations and found both of the guilty of theft.

He said: “I have absolutely no doubt you were acting dishonestly and in doing so were trying to deprive the club of that money.”

Manchester Crown Court will sentence All seven next month.