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Lyubish Tumbakovich: “We are ready for the match”

Lubish Tumbakovich, the national team head coach of Montenegro, shared his opinion during the pre-match press conference.

“A lot depends on this match, we had two defeats, while the opponent has won in their last matches. But this can be an additional stimulus for all of us, and we will prepare for the match with ambition. We have a goal, and we are moving in that direction.

The manager also noted that they should not repeat the situation with the first match.

“We had two halves in Yerevan. In the first half the result was positive, but in the second we subconsciously believed that we had already won. This should not happen again, we should not relax and think that victory will be given easily. In addition to the quality, we must be as professional and responsible as possible in order to achieve the desired result. We should not give the opponent an opportunity to beat us. I believe that all players in the team have high skills and capabilities. We will try to do our best, ” said Tumbakovich.