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List of Top 10 highest paid NBA Players 2015

The National Basketball Association is widely  considered to be  the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. NBA players also get handsome amount of money. And here is the list of highest paid NBA players 2015.

10. Deron Williams
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Salary: $18,995,624
He signed a contract when his average income was more than $5 million per year! He is one of the richest players in NBA.

9. Kobe Bryant
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Salary: $19,317,326
Kobe Bryant is the highest paid NBA player in the league. In his last year of contract with the Lakers he will receive 22.4 million euros awaiting a new prolongation.

8. Nowitzki
Team: Dallas Mavericks
Salary: $19,754,465
Europe and second highest paid NBA player is Nowitzki. The star of the Dallas Mavericks wins this season 16.7 million euros in his last year of contract.

7. Gilbert Arenas
Team: Shanghai Sharks
Salary: $20,068,563
He is the highest paid NBA player and signed a $ 111 million for six seasons in 2008.

6. Amar’e Stoudemire
Team: New York Knicks
Salary: $20,644,400
He was highest paid NBA player and charged almost 16 million Euros despite the uncertainty created his comeback to the slopes, still no date.

Carmelo Anthony
Team: New York Knicks
Salary: $20,644,400
The eaves of Brooklyn, under contract until 2015 and charged about 15.7 million euros this year for highest paid NBA player, might consider the option of canviar of scenery in a season. The Lakers sound hard.

5. Joe Johnson
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Salary: $21,436,271
The six-time All Star spent his best years in Atlanta, especially the 2006/07 season, when he came to average 25 points per game and marked as highest paid NBA player.

4. Dwight Howard
Team: Houston Rockets
Salary: $22,458,401
After his failure in the Lakers, Dwight Howard prove luck this season in the Houston Rockets. He charged about 15 million Euros per season.

3. Pau Gasol
Team: Chicago Bulls
Salary: $23,180,790
After Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol is the highest paid NBA player who earns 14.1 million Euros each year, despite having been in all pools to be pierced several times. This season should recover role on the team.

2. Chris Bosh
Team: Miami Heat
Salary: $23,410,988
Like LeBron, Chris Bosh is the highest paid NBA player in Miami with the 14 million received for season.

1. LeBron James
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Salary: $23,500,000
LeBron James is the best basketball player and highest paid NBA player.

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