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Klopp hopes of new transfers

Klopp hopes of new transfers

Jurgen Klopp hinted that Liverpool’s transfer business might not be over after admitting qualifying for the Champions League will help attract players.

“It’s [Champions League qualification] a big influence on the transfer market, especially if we do it more often,” he said.

“I said I think before the game, if you talk to a player, they really often [mention it]… especially players we talk to. We don’t have to talk to players which are not better than our players because it’s difficult to find.

“I know a few people think differently, but we do a lot of work and it’s not that easy to find 20 players in this position that are better, 20 players in that position that are better. But if you talk to them, they say if you would play in the Champions League, it would be really interesting because the club is great, the manager is not too bad and all that stuff.”