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Kate Middleton and Prince William Have Lots of Changes Planned for this Year: Speacial Bets

Kate Middleton, Prince William

The young royal family have decided to move from their country-set residence to London. For this purpose, William and Kate are initiating reconstructions in Kensington Palace in order to feel comfortable in the new home with children.

This was a surprise since recently the Prince was in the center of a scandal. William spent his holidays in the Alps with the 24-year-old Australian model Sophie Taylor. Actually, the model was accompanied by her boyfriend Aaron. However, this did not alleviate concerns of public, since in that period the Commonwealth Games were held under the patronage of the royal family. Moreover, the model’s companion mentioned that William was very sociable and friendly, lacking any arrogance and pride.

Rumors say that Kate and William are repairing their residence either in connection with a new baby or with the Queen’s age, since this year she will be in her 91 and the young prince should be prepared to honor the throne.

As to the royal children, George will attend school and Charlotte will go to nursery school. Hereby, it is the most suitable time for the third baby.

Vbet is accepting bets on the gender and name of the third child (1.85 odds).

If it’s a boy, his first name will be either Arthur or Henry (11 odds) according to Vbet, and if it’s a girl, she will be called Allice or Victoria (9 odds).

They may also be called some unexpected names of Russian origin like Boris or Anastasia (101 odds).

You can see all bets connected with the name of the third royal child in the following link.