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Jurgen Klopp: ‘I always get Real Madrid in Champions League draw’

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has insisted that the club have no preferences when it comes to the Champions League last-16 draw, but admits that his teams tend to face Real Madrid.

“Nobody could imagine that it would go like this tonight,” Klopp told BT Sport. “It was an all or nothing game for both teams. Spartak Moscow is a really good side, I know you won’t think so now but they are difficult to play against. We opened the game perfectly and after we took the lead we didn’t have to defend. It was a nice night at Anfield.

“It helps to get an early goal or two. I told them at half-time we needed to show that we learn from our mistakes and keep going. It’s really difficult when we go to the next gear and use the space, it was nice to watch tonight.

“I have nothing to moan about tonight, it’s all good. We changed the system a little bit, the boys did it really well. The defence was spot on, I really liked it.

“I don’t mind too much who we get – usually I always get Real Madrid so we will see. We have no preferred opponents, it will be really nice after a long time. I love this kind of news.”