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Jens Lehmann critical of Arsenal star players

Alexis Sanchez on Juve radar

Ex-Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has called on Alexis Sanchez to “stop sulking” after the Gunners lost four of their last five matches in the Premier League.

“They talk about Sanchez being a big player but if you are sulking, you can’t be a big player. You must be a big player mentally, not just be good at dribbling,” Lehmann told The Sun.

“There’s always a question with Ozil – how much can he contribute when it gets tough? It’s not Mustafi’s fault someone has paid £35m for him. If someone buys me for £35m, the next day I’m not a better player. He is giving everything. But sometimes the team concede five, so he has to ask himself if it’s good enough?”