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Jamie Vardy recieved “death threats” over Claudio Ranieri sacking

Jamie Vardy

The Italian specialist has been sacked after Leicester City’s poor display in the Premier League, but Jamie Vardy has been blamed for Ranieri’s departure.

The England national team striker received death threats “walking down the street”.

“The stories were quite hurtful to be honest with you,” Vardy said. “A lot of false accusations were being thrown out there and there’s nothing us, as players, could do about it.

“As soon as they were in the papers they were out there. We just had to put it to the back of our minds and concentrate on the football.”

“Then, of course, the story is out there and people pick it up and jump on it and you’re getting death threats — about your family, kids, everything, on social media, you name it, walking down the street.

“To be honest, I get them every week. Football fans don’t seem to like me that much. I get abuse at every stadium that I turn up at. To be honest, you are always going to get stick from fans. It is part and parcel of football.